Addiction and Recovery

People can become addicted to anything, not just drugs or alcohol. Someone may need help with their over-use or abuse of a substance or activity if it takes up so much of their time that they are neglecting, or are unable to fulfill, their other responsibilities. Examples of this might be sometimes calling out sick to work because of feeling "hungover" from the night before, or someone who plays video games for so many hours straight that they are not eating, sleeping, or using the bathroom. 

I help people achieve their goals to moderate or abstain from addictive substances or behaviors.

And recovery is not just about getting sober or abstaining from addictive substances and activities, it is about establishing, and then maintaining, an overall healthy lifestyle, and learning how to handle triggers and setbacks. You can also be in recovery from an eating disorder, mental health issues, or a mental health crisis.

I provide support to people in all of these types of recovery, as well as to people who are just beginning wanting to change, or who have had a recent relapse.

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